Droid Incredible arrives early for a few lucky, smug pre-orderers

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While the new Verizon Droid Incredible isn't supposed to arrive until April 29th, a few blessed pre-orderers are getting their units early. From the sound of it, there was a glitch in Verizon's system that was allowing some phone orders to be shipped right away -- sadly, that apparently has since been plugged. Interestingly, the boxes these are being shipped in so far just say "HTC Incredible," not that it's any surprise that the Droid Incredible moniker was a late-in-game addition. Of course, cries of "fake!" rang out in the forums, so one of the recipients (appropriately self-dubbed "SoSmarmy") posted a video of the phone booting up for all to see. Check it out after the break. Not seething with envy yet? Perhaps you should re-read our review of the new flagship Android handset.

[Thanks, Aaron]

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