Earth Eternal celebrates Earth Day with in-game contest

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Earth Eternal celebrates Earth Day with in-game contest
Many MMOs celebrate the same events in game, such as Thanksgiving/Fall, and the various winter celebrations, but Earth Eternal takes a bit of a different approach in celebrating Earth Day.

It's an obvious choice for Earth Eternal, where the storyline revolves around a world in which mankind has wiped itself out, and anthropomorphic beasts have reclaimed the planet. All is not well in this alternate earth, though. Sinister Rotted Treekin are showing up in part of this two-day Earth Day event.

Rotted Treekin will spawn throughout the world, threatening Innocent Treekin, who will call for players to come to their aid. Players who respond will be able to enter the contest and compete for some great prizes: "Participants will be competing for the esteemed title Boss Lumberjack, complete with winning a collectable plush Shroomie hat and a forum article dedicated to their combat prowess."

The contest kicks off on Earth Day, which is this Thursday, April 22, and continues for two days. Take a screenshot of your battle and send it in to enter. The winner will be announced in-game at 5 p.m. PST on April 23, so good luck to all of you!
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