Mousepad roundup: Razer, SteelSeries, Saitek and Kensington battle for two-dimensional supremacy

Mousepads, who needs them? That's the question that's been keeping Tom's Guide up at night lately, so they've done the only responsible thing a tech site can do and rolled up a mega roundup review of some of the more popular ones. Unsurprisingly, you'll find plenty from Razer's gaming collection, including the dual-sided Vespula and the Engadget-approved Megasoma, which are faced off against entries from Saitek, SteelSeries and lock specialist Kensington. The one that will have inevitably caught your eye, though, is that steel saw impersonator known as the Greensforged Remember Ravensholm pad. Built especially for a Half-Life 2 fan, it's made entirely from steel, but we're told its usefulness is apparently not quite on par with its good looks. Anyhow, dive into the source link for the complete roundup.

[Thanks, Ben]