Velocity Micro's Cruz Tablet has Android 2.1 with full Flash support

Some alleged spy shots of a brand-new Android tablet materialized in our inbox this afternoon, and after sending a few e-mails and making a quick phone call, we can confirm they're 100 percent legit: boutique PC retailer Velocity Micro's getting in the tablet game something fierce, with a whole new lineup of touchscreen devices it's dubbed "Cruz." Designed to compete with both e-readers and tablets, Cruz will appear in both 4 x 3 and 16 x 9 configurations over the coming months, with the high-end devices sporting 7-inch capacitive multitouch screens, 800MHz processors and Android 2.1 (complete with Flash 10.1) right out of the box. Best of all, Velocity Micro tells us they'll be relatively affordable -- all will arrive under the $300 line. A company rep couldn't tell us whether Android Market would be included or when exactly the tablets are due, but he hazarded a guess of "late summer." Hit up our gallery to see the first prototype.

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