Atlantica Online dev diary hints at forthcoming features

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|04.24.10

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Atlantica Online dev diary hints at forthcoming features

NDoors Interactive is pleased to announce new features coming to their Atlantica Online free-to-play fantasy MMORPG later this year in their latest dev diary. The update talks about everything from new security measures to new outfits, as well as the winning Mercenary design from an earlier contest.

Check out all the details after the cut.

Dear Atlantians,

Get ready for some great upcoming features! This year we have some new features coming to Atlantica Online that we want to remind players about. As we have announced previously, we will be having many updates coming soon. So get ready to spruce up your character and explore the new updates we'll have coming!

One new feature we have implemented into our game is a secondary password. This new feature has been implemented to add another security measure into our game. Players who log in for the first time will be asked to create this secondary password. If they login from a different IP, they will be asked to enter this secondary password in order to ensure player security.

With chaos roaming through the land of North America, outlaws have lived their lives by their own rules. Fighting to survive on the open roads they make their living as vigilantes. Living outside of the Law in North America, players can become the Outlaw and live on the edge, with the new Outlaw Stash. Players can get a chance to obtain this outfit from the random box.

These features are not the only new things to come to Atlantica this year. We recently held a contest where players submitted their Mercenary ideas, and we have selected a winner: Symban from Macedon! Symban will receive the mercenary itself in game, artwork with signatures of the developers, a year's worth of Atlantica Merchandise, and 10,000 Gcoins! This new mercenary will be developed and released into Atlantica this year. We have also selected five runner ups to receive 5,000 Gcoins.

With summer coming upon us, we have some great new events to celebrate the summer, and a new mega event for players to win awesome prizes, with a special grand prize for one lucky winner. This year will also mark our second anniversary in late October, and we are already making plans to make this year special.

Even though part of the year over, we still have a lot more planned for Atlantica Online, and will continue to bring new features to make Atlantica Online as great as it has become. So be sure to stay tuned, and get into Atlantica, because you are not going to want to miss all that is coming!
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