How would you change the TiVo Premiere?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.24.10

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How would you change the TiVo Premiere?
TiVo loyalists have waited a long, long time for this. The Premiere is marketed as the DVR to end all DVRs, and unlike those plain-jane boxes served up at your local pay-TV provider, there's actually a decent amount of ingenuity within TiVo's freshest set-top box. Unfortunately, those good intentions didn't really lead to a beautiful implementation, and we found quite a few bones to pick during our time with it. Make no mistake -- TiVo's still charging a small fortune for the privilege of using its user interface and hearing its bloops and beeps, and frankly, we expected more for the premium. Are you in the same boat? Couldn't disagree more? We're anxious to see how you'd retool the Premiere if given the opportunity, and what you'd do differently now that you've been relying on it for the past couple of months. Go on, comments are waiting for you.
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