Full notes available for upcoming Allods Online patch

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.24.10

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Full notes available for upcoming Allods Online patch
When the announcement first came regarding the massive Allods Online patch, it was exciting news for a game that kind of needed the boost. Now that the full patch notes for Patch 06: Edge of the Astral are available, the whole operation looks better than ever. The two largest additions, a free-for-all arena in Yasez Shard and the astral demon War'kaz the Mindreaver, are almost overshadowed by a long list of balance tweaks and bugfixes that encompass nearly every part of the game. The patch notes, which are both exhaustive and long, cover everything in the coming patch.

Some of the changes are simply quality of life fixes, such as the addition of an auto-AFK feature or the ability to use a hotkey for replying to whispers. Others are meant to improve the experience of players with Astral Ships, including new training quests to give a feel for how they work on the ground. (Well, in astral space.) And, of course, there are the aforementioned marquee features to allow for open PvP and the thorough reaving of minds. If you play Allods Online or are still considering it, take a look at the full patch notes to see what's coming around the bend.
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