Mob Scene: Global Agenda, Thursday, 8 PM

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|04.28.10

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Mob Scene: Global Agenda, Thursday, 8 PM
Are you guys up for some explosions and laser beams? Well, we can guarantee you that we are!

This week we're hosting a community playdate, and what better way to kick off our new line of events than with an action-packed, team-based game? Tomorrow night at 8 PM, we invite you, the community, to jump in and play Global Agenda with us.

Plus, we're also unveiling our newest community feature -- The Massively Mob! If you're a Steam user who enjoys grouping up, or if you're looking for a few new players to take on some co-op and MMO challenges, we encourage you to join us on the Steam Community. Not only will we be hosting our own official events (which you can follow through our events RSS feed), but you can kick back and play some impromptu games with the many other readers of!

Need full details on what's going on? No worries! Jump after the break to get the full briefing.

How to join the Massively Mob

Joining the Massively Mob is a piece of cake! If you're a Steam user, just go to our Steam Community homepage here and click the "join" button after logging in. That's it, you're done! Congratulations new mob member!

If you're not a Steam user, becoming one is also insanely easy. Just visit the Steam homepage, sign up for an account, and download the Steam client.

Why the Steam Community?

The Steam Community is easy to manage, works in-game and out of game, and unifies our favorite online games under one platform. It also allows us to create and manage events very easily while simultaneously allowing you to see what other Mob members are up to. That way if a few members are playing Borderlands, you can quickly message them to see if they need another person and then jump in game with them!

Plus, you get another avenue to talk to us directly (like me, I'm Octal Black) and you get a nice calendar of all of our upcoming events in one nice location.

So what's all of this Global Agenda business?

Time: 8 PM EST
Meeting Place: The Massively Mob Steam Community Chat
The Game: Global Agenda

Tomorrow night, log on at 8 PM and jump over to the Massively Mob page with your Steam client. There, select "Enter chat room" so you can jump in and see where we're meeting and what we'll be doing. The content we do will be chosen by you guys! So be up for some PvP, PvE, arenas, or who knows, we might even make an agency and try our hand at strikeforces!

Once you're in the chat room, boot up the game as normal. Using the Steam overlay, you'll be able to keep an eye on our chat and have an easy way to talk to the rest of the players in-game. Your Steam overlay can be activated by pressing Shift+Tab once inside of a game.

And, as Global Agenda is a Steam only game, you'll all already be prepared! Isn't that just lovely?

Hope to see many of you tomorrow! Get ready for a fun night!
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