Star Wars: The Old Republic gets three new characters ... one gets his own book

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Star Wars: The Old Republic gets three new characters ... one gets his own book
Ever since we were burned by the seemed-cool-until-you-heard-him-coughing General Grievous, we've been leery of new Star Wars characters -- old George doesn't really make them like he used to. But Star Wars:The Old Republic is a BioWare project, and that's a company that knows its characters, so we'll give these three new website reveals a chance. General Garza is a tough-as-nails Galactic Republic officer who's been accused of overseeing secret assaults throughout the galaxy, the Mandalore is a warrior-king who supports the Empire (and leads the Mandalorians -- Boba Fett's peeps) and Darth Malgus is -- well, with a name like that, you can probably guess.

Yup, he's a Dark Lord of the Sith, and we actually saw him in the trailer released last year. Guess which character is popular enough to get a book written about them? Decieved is a novel by Paul Kemp due out in December that will tell the story of "his rise to fame and glory as the Sith Lord who destroyed the Jedi Temple." Now that sounds like a character with some depth! It's not like you could write a whole book about General Grievous, right?
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