Celebrate the spring with Atlantica's May Weekends

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|05.04.10

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Celebrate the spring with Atlantica's May Weekends
With the gorgeous spring weather coming to many of us, the enticing pull of the outdoors may prove irresistible -- unless a proper distraction arises, of course. The folks over at Atlantica Online are hoping that players will trade meadow romps for hardcore gaming with the advent of May Weekends.

For starters, there's a sweet 150% experience boost each Saturday and Sunday through the month, which is cause for celebration in and of itself. On top of that, players get to experience special themed events:

  • Big Boss Bonanza (May 8-9) -- Special bosses will roam the land, offering additional challenges and rewards.
  • Item Giveaway (May 15-16) -- Log in with your level 20+ character at certain times to receive free prizes.
  • Pop Quiz (May 22-23) -- Answer a GM's pop quiz correctly and net yourself a nice piece of loot.
  • Monster Invasions (May 29-30) -- Monsters are laying siege to major cities, and must be fought off!
With something different going on each weekend, players have a great reason to dally in Atlantica. Read the official article for the full scoop!
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