INQ's Chat 3G gets FCC blessing with US 3G bands

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.03.10

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INQ's Chat 3G gets FCC blessing with US 3G bands
We've known for some time now that socially-connected handset maker INQ would like to eventually cross the pond and sell a device or two on North American soil -- and could the Chat 3G be its opening salvo? The phone is old hat for British customers on 3, but until now, we've only seen it quoted with 3G on the Euro-friendly 2100MHz band; this FCC filing, however, clearly shows it rocking 850 and 1900MHz without any mentions of 2100, and we don't think the Chat 3G is a pricey enough set for INQ to spring for the tri-band HSDPA radio. In other words, we might actually be looking at a North America-specific version here, set to launch on AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Telus, or some combination of the four. In terms of exposure, it's no Kin, but it goes squarely after the same audience -- so the question becomes, would AT&T like to fight back against Verizon with this thing?
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