Breakfast Topic: What's new with you?

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|05.04.10

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Breakfast Topic: What's new with you?
I've been having a lot of fun with my It Came From the Blog alt lately,(check the polls and updates to follow along with the latest adventures from the guild!) now that I've hit level 20 and I can ride around in comfort. With level 20 came a few milestones; getting a mount, the fact that this is the first time I've gotten a warrior beyond level oh ... 15 or so, and suddenly I had a level 20 warrior quest! I realized as I accepted it that this was something entirely new. I'd never done this quest before. For someone that has Loremaster on multiple characters, this is a rare and exciting thing -- I had no idea what it was for, or what I would be doing, or what I would get at the end!

So I decided to go through the chain and deliberately keep myself in the dark. No Wowhead, no hints, no spoilers, just playing it through how it was intended to be played. I'm in the middle of the chain now and the quests are red, so I'll complete them as I go along, but I'm looking forward to finishing it! The warrior class is entertaining -- I find I'm enjoying the aspect of being the one that wants to be hit, rather than the one that's trying to avoid it.

Speaking of having my head beat in, the other "new" thing I found myself doing was registering for the 2010 Arena Tournament last night. I don't arena. I barely PvP. I'm terrible at PvP, so I've simply never done it, because I figure it is better not to clutter up the arena and frustrate other players with my outright awfulness. However, a friend has convinced me to give it a try, and against my better judgment I am going for it -- after all, the worst that can happen is I will get beaten repeatedly.

Arena scores don't go into the negatives, right guys? ... right?

So what's new with you? What's something in game that you've never, ever done before? It's rare that I find these things and seek them out, but as Cataclysm approaches I find myself wanting to try the things I've never done before just in case they disappear or change. And an additional challenge to those of you looking for one -- that new thing that you thought of? Go out and do it! You may end up like me, somewhat bewildered by the experience but thoroughly enjoying it.
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