Best Buy breaks opening weekend sales volume record with UK debut

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|05.06.10

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Best Buy breaks opening weekend sales volume record with UK debut
As it turns out, last weekend wasn't just momentous for the fact it put Thurrock on the map (any map!). Best Buy got in touch with us today to tell us its first UK store has racked up the highest number of opening weekend sales in the company's history. During our own visit to the store, we saw thousands flooding in and out, no doubt attracted by the novelty and deep discounts on offer from Best Buy. Notably, while this is a record in terms of volume, no such claims are mentioned relative to revenue or profit, suggesting the company was shooting to attract as many customers as possible, in hopes of recouping any opening day losses in repeat custom down the line. Given the feedback from one shopper, who came in for an Avatar Blu-ray disc and left with a pair of Wii consoles and a hard drive, that might not be such a bad strategy. Full PR after the break.
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The first Best Buy store in the UK opened its doors on Friday 30 April at 7am to thousands of excited customers as the company hailed the first weekend at its Thurrock store a resounding success.

Paul Antoniadis, CEO of Best Buy Branded Operations said: "I'm delighted to announce that the first three days of our opening weekend in Thurrock have been confirmed as the biggest ever opening weekend for a Best Buy store anywhere in the world by volume of sales. Everyone on the Best Buy team is thrilled with the start of this new chapter in Best Buy's story."

From 7am onwards last Friday, thousands of customers streamed through the front doors, taking advantage of incredible opening deals, competitions and entertainment.

Anthony from Purfleet said, "I've been waiting for ages since I saw Best Buy's launch announced last summer. Two weeks ago I found out it was opening today so I booked time off work to come down. I expected there to be big queues so I got down here early. I actually only came in for Avatar on Blu-Ray but now I've got two Nintendo Wiis and a hard drive – and I'm coming back later for a laptop when I've picked up the 'missus' from work."

Tom from Dartford said: "I spoke to a Blueshirt for about 10 minutes about laptops, he seemed to really know his stuff."

Best Buy's top opening day products included1:

* Televisions: Toshiba 32" LCD TV HD Ready (32AV615) (Best Buy price £179.99, non-sale price £329.99) and Samsung 32" LED Full HD TV (1080P) (Best Buy price £399.99, non-sale price £699.99)
* Games: Wii Black with wireless remote, nunchuk, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort (Best Buy price £99.99, non-sale price £179.99)
* Entertainment: Avatar Blu-ray and DVD combi pack (Best Buy price £9.99)
* Computing: Iomega Prestige 1TB Desktop Hard Drive (Best Buy price £49.99, non-sale price £89.99)
* Mobile: Blackberry Curve 8250 Black & Lilac (Best Buy price £99.99 Pay as You Go, non-sale price £199.99)
* GreenTech and electric vehicles: Xero Tech eScooter Classic (Best Buy price £999.99, non-sale price £1,499.99) and Freeloader Solar Charger (Best Buy price £14.99, non-sale price £32.99)
* Camera: Fujifilm J25 Digital Camera (Best Buy price £49.99, non-sale price £99.99).

Best Buy also sold its first 3DTVs, including the flagship Samsung 40" 3DTV (UE40C8000) for £1,999.99.

Kam Prajapati, General Manager at Best Buy's store in Thurrock said: "Today has been an exciting time for our customers, Blueshirts and Geek Squad Agents alike. The response from customers has been so positive, whether about our helpful, knowledgeable team or the range of latest technology on offer - including TVs, laptops, mobiles, electric bikes, scooters and cars – and the amazing prices.

"What's been even more amazing is the surprise when people realise the real possibilities of technology. We help our customers to Walk out Working when they buy any laptop, camera or mobile phone, offer 121 Help so we can show them how to network their laptop, mobile and TV together to watch, share and enjoy music, movies and games at home and on the go."
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