Skate 3: Good times with product placement

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Self-identification through product choice is a mainstay of the skateboarding scene, from t-shirts to shoes to skate decks to the soundtracks on skate videos. It's all part of the culture, so it's only fitting that a skateboarding game – say, Skate 3 – shares in that. To celebrate this common thread, let's play spot the product placement after the break!
0:11: EA and Black Box logos. It's a video game trailer for Skate 3 called "Good Times," and it's their video game, so we'll give them a break on that.

0:18: In-game banner. Can't tell what it's for, possibly a fictional property.

0:24: Song playing identified as "Good Times" by The Greenhornes, licensed by V2 Records, a division of Universal Music Group.

0:28: In-game t-shirt with logo for Monster Energy Drinks.

0:32: Hollywood-style sign for "Sharks," presumably a fictional property. Banner in the background, and another unidentifiable t-shirt logo.

0:33: Dr. Pepper billboard in the background, and then a jump over a shipping company truck, presumably fictional.

0:40: In-game t-shirt bearing logo for Supra shoes.

0:46: Another t-shirt logo, unidentifiable.

0:53: Quick montage of four or five logos, including a plug for record company Death Wish and possibly branded skateboard graphics.

0:56: Two in-game billboards on wall in the background.

1:00: Finally, a plug for the actual product, which will be sold in stores for an MSRP of $59.99 starting May 11.

1:02: "All trademarks are the property of their respective owners." Good to know.
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