Accused PAX East 'Breach' thief shows up for court

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Accused PAX East 'Breach' thief shows up for court
Justin May, the 20-year-old man accused of trying to steal Atomic Games' Breach off the PAX East show floor, finally showed up in court today -- after previously skipping bail and eventually agreeing to appear for arraignment. Assistant District Attorney Kate Clayman briefly recited the facts of the case in Boston Municipal Court this morning and the judge released May on his own recognizance. No monetary bail was set.

Suffolk County District Attorney Press Secretary Jake Wark told Joystiq that May will return to court with his defense attorney on June 27 to file a motion to dismiss the case.

According to Atomic Games' complaint filed with Boston police, the company placed the value of Breach "in excess of $6 million." We're currently following up with Atomic Games and the District Attorney's office to find out how events are expected to proceed from here.

Update: Comment from Atomic and the DA's office after the break.
Suffolk County District Attorney's Office:

Suffolk County District Attorney Press Secretary Jake Wark explained there wasn't a noted plea of "not guilty" in court today because in the state of Massachusetts a "not guilty plea is automatically entered at arraignment." The DA plans to pursue the case at the June 27 hearing. Wark expressed, "The case remains active."

Atomic Games President Peter Tamte released a statement:

"Breach, and our Hydrogen game engine, are the result of millions of dollars of investment and years of hard work. It would have been very harmful if Breach had been posted on the Internet months before its planned release. Thankfully the Boston Police Department and Suffolk County District Attorney quickly realized the seriousness of the crime and plan to prosecute Mr. May."
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