ExoPC prototype gets handled on video, looks downright delightful

Updated ·1 min read

To say we've been waiting "awhile" for the ExoPC to fully emerge from under its veil and begin shipping to the world at large would be a startling understatement, but it looks like the holding period is just... about... over. We're personally getting some one-on-one time in the coming days once we touch down in Taipei for this year's Computex expo, but in the meantime, those who fancy machine translation (or who learned far too much during those high school French courses) can dig into an overview from the folks over at Blogue de Geek, who were recently able to sit down with a prototype version of the Windows 7 slate and give it a nice once-over. By and large, they were duly impressed with what they saw, noting that video playback was flawless (thanks, Broadcom!) and that bootup was shockingly quick considering that a full-on desktop OS is included. Hit that source link to get a taste (or just past the break for a video), and be sure to keep it locked here next week for continued coverage.

Update: Looks like the final product name will simply be "slate" and there will be four models to choose from: 32GB WiFi, 32GB WiFi + 3G / GPS, 64GB WiFi and 64GB WiFi + 3G / GPS.

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