Motorola's 4.3-inch Droid Shadow found in a unicorn gym?

Color us highly skeptical of the backstory, but Gizmodo claims to have received a picture of Motorola's rumored 4.3-inch Droid Shadow. The device above was supposedly left behind at a Verizon corporate gym in Washington. As the story is told, a gym employee managed to snap the photo above and identify an HDMI jack, 8 megapixel camera, Snapdragon processor, and 16GB of storage before the handset was remotely locked and the owner returned to claim it. Suspiciously, there's only one photo of the device shown at precisely the same angle as the supposedly leaked "getting started" image seen three days ago -- right, just enough time to cobble together a Photoshop. The refined Motoblur UI seems to align though so who knows... really, who knows?

[Thanks, Aaron]