RU Sirius seeks contributors for Mondo 2000: An Open Source History

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|05.27.10

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RU Sirius seeks contributors for Mondo 2000: An Open Source History
Before there was a blogosphere, in those heady days of dial-up, how did one get culture? There were a few possibilities, all of which sound pretty pathetic in the modern era. If you had a friend in college, you could borrow their VMS account to access Usenet. Or, if you were lucky, maybe there was a 2600 meeting in your town. Then again there was always Walden Books at the Millcreek Mall -- if one of your visits happened to coincide with the erratic publishing schedule of Mondo 2000, you were in luck! From virtual reality to hacking, smart drugs, science fiction, and more: before ubiquitous broadband, and before Wired, this magazine was like a textbook from the future.

As far as we know, the whole story of this far-out publishing venture has yet to be told. That's why we're pleased as punch to hear that founding co-editor and all-around good guy R.U. Sirius is kickstarting a project called Mondo 2000: An Open Source History. The idea's pretty novel: everyone who was involved with the magazine is invited to collaborate on both a book and a website (including audio and video) that will trace the history of the magazine. And who knows? If things go well enough, some of the footage may be rolled into a documentary.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit up the source link to get involved. While you're there, check out that podcast describing the project in detail. After that, remember to download Billy Idol's Cyberpunk album -- it's still as timeless and relevant as ever.
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