Battle of the Immortals shows off new armor art

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Battle of the Immortals shows off new armor art
We spend our time stomping around in MMOs wearing (or coveting) armor that someone dreamed up, but sadly we don't often get a chance to hear about the time and effort that went into creating these interesting bits of art. That's why we are particularly intrigued by the new series called BoI Blueprints from the crew over at Perfect World Entertainment. This time we're treated to a quick Q&A with Liao "Fruit" Shuiguo, the Lead Art Designer on the Battle of the Immortals Development Team, who gives us a bit of an insight into how one of the sets -- the above pictured Soul Gear Prometheus set -- was made.

For those who have always been curious about just what goes into making armor sets, then you'll want to pop by the Battle of the Immortals site and give this interview a read. While it's a small starting salvo, we're hopeful that the BoI team will dig in and bring us many more tasty developer interviews in the future. That said, more videos with sneak peeks like the one we've got after the break of the animated Soul Gear Prometheus set wouldn't hurt, either.

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