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Motorola Droid 2 found in Verizon system, keyboard makes an online cameo? (update: specs)

Motorola Droid 2 found in Verizon system, keyboard makes an online cameo? (update: specs)
Ross Miller
Ross Miller|May 28, 2010 8:29 PM
While we've got no way to confirm at the moment, here's some proverbial food for thought. A friendly reader last night published in our comment thread for the two rumored Verizon-bound Motorola devices with the above picture (subtitles added by us), claiming the bottom image is the Droid 2's upgraded QWERTY keyboard. The story goes that his friend had one but no other information is currently available -- the font on the keys is identical, and the mic icon on the bottom left is distinctively Android. If it's legit, we gotta say we're hopeful; the keys look to have a more protruding center à la the CLIQ, which should make typing on the little guy much easier than before. And if it's not the Droid successor, well, it's still something we haven't seen. Could this be the updated QWERTY-fied Android solution we've been waiting for? Time will tell.

Update: Droid Life has what it claims to be a screencap from the Verizon inventory system showing the M1955, a.k.a. Droid 2, hanging out in Ontario, California. Easily fakeable? You betcha, but it's not like the Droid name is going to any other carrier. Interesting food for thought.

Update 2: The original source of the image just got back to us with some purported specs -- and yet again, let's remind you that we can't confirm any of this yet. What we've heard: it's out in the field for testing purposes, it has a 3.7-inch screen, is nearly identical to the original Droid in size and shape, and is chrome instead of black (though that might just be the prototype). And in case you weren't convinced yet, this is definitely not the same as the Shadow.

[Thanks, mabbikeel and Tuan Tran]
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