Taiji sneaks a Bluetooth keyboard in and out of its tablet prototype, reminds us of our drug mule days

Just kidding, we were never drug mules. Still, we once watched a film that mentioned drug mules, and boy does this Taiji tablet prototype remind us of that formative experience. Taiji is bringing this 10-inch tablet to Computex (which starts tomorrow), with a VIA C7 M processor and 1GB of RAM under the hood, which looks relatively uninspired until you flip it around and discover the pop-off keyboard around back. The tablet even has its own stand, converting from a slate form to a rather amenable "desktop" computer with no trouble. Sure, you might end up with a thinner tablet if you just buy a keyboard free model and toss a Bluetooth keyboard in your bag with it, but we've gotta hand it to Taiji for ingenuity. Check out a quick demo of it after the break.