Andy Bloch at the World Series of Poker with TUAW and his iPad

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Andy Bloch at the World Series of Poker with TUAW and his iPad
The other day we showed you a photo of poker pro Andy Bloch with his iPad at the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas. Little did we know that Andy was going to find and read the post. According to photographer BJ Nemeth, Bloch called him over to say it would be a bit surreal to have a photo taken reading the TUAW post about his iPad on his iPad.

BJ mentioned that Andy is playing a lot of Scrabble against other professional poker players, some of whom are at the same tournament although never at the same table. Players can have both iPads and smartphones at the table, but can't use them during a hand. Once they fold their cards, players are free to use their devices.

Andy's still alive at the tournament with 21 players remaining, and action resumes today at 3 PM PT to play down to the final table. Final table action takes place tomorrow and is taped by ESPN, which does not allow the use of electronics at the table. Update: Andy was knocked out in 16th place, with winnings of more than $98,000.

We're not sure if posting this photo will cause a singularity to develop, threatening the existence of the multiverse, but we're going to give it a try anyway.

Thanks to BJ for the photos and to both BJ and Andy for being TUAW fans.
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