Petroglyph and True Games resolve lawsuit, announce launch date for Mytheon

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Petroglyph and True Games resolve lawsuit, announce launch date for Mytheon
The last major news we heard about fantasy MMO Mytheon was regarding a legal skirmish. Publisher True Games was suing developer Petroglyph for the Mytheon source code, citing a long list of actions on Petroglyph's part which prevented the game from seeing release.

In a surprise announcement, the two companies announced today that they have resolved their differences and are set for a July 13th launch. While it seems like a dangerously short leap from lawsuit to launch, keep in mind that Mytheon was originally scheduled to be ready for release last November.

Chuck Kroegel, CEO of Petroglyph, sums up the decision: "From the beginning, we have been committed to creating a critically and commercially successful online game that brings something fresh to this space. Despite the fact that neither company acknowledged or admitted any wrongdoing, both companies recognized this mutual agreement as the right step, especially for the players with the official release of Mytheon to the world this summer. We've received a great deal of positive feedback on the game, from both the media and the community, and we encourage online gaming fans to jump into the ongoing open beta test and experience Mytheon's unique gameplay and amazing mythological world."

Beta signups are available on the game's site.
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