Rock like an Egyptian: The Mummy Online announced!

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|06.03.10

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Rock like an Egyptian: The Mummy Online announced!
If the unique yet satisfying blend of horror, comedy and Brendan Fraser are your thing, then you're probably a big fan of The Mummy movie franchise. Nothing uplifts ancient Egyptian culture like making a mockery of their dead while looting their final burial place. In any case, Bigpoint and Universal Studios are teaming up to bring The Mummy Online, an action-RPG MMO, to gamers this fall.

The title will be set in the same 1930's time period as the feature films, and will feature PvE and PvP play. Interested gamers should be pleased to note that it will be both browser-based (powered by Unity technology) and free-to-play, so there's no legitimate objection to giving it a try. Unless you're a scaredy-cat, of course.

Universal's Bill Kispert chimed in with the announcement: "The Mummy franchise is chock full of exotic settings, supernatural enemies, exciting quests, and over the top action. It is ripe with gameplay possibilities, and we look forward to extending our relationship with Bigpoint to bring the world of The Mummy to life for gamers."

Right now the official website is a little sparse, but you can still sign up for The Mummy Online's newsletter. We're guessing it'll be sent out in hieroglyphics.

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