TUAW TV Live: topical talk at 5 PM EDT today

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TUAW TV Live: topical talk at 5 PM EDT today
This has been quite the week in the world of Apple: the new iPhone 4 was announced, the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch operating system gained a new name, Safari 5 hit Software Update, and thousands of Mac and iOS developers are building their knowledge for the future at WWDC 2010 in San Francisco. Hmmm. Sounds like a topic or two for TUAW TV Live!

Join me and a possible guest for an hour of talk about iPhone 4 lust, some demos of several apps, and even a short tutorial on how to use Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit to move both photos and video into your iPad.

All the fun starts at 5 PM EDT today, and all you need to do is drop by TUAW just before that time. The streaming video will be ready to roll, the chat will start up, and you can start basking in the glow of intense geekdom.
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