Your Battle of the Immortals questions answered: Our developer chat with Clifton Chu

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|06.11.10

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Your Battle of the Immortals questions answered: Our developer chat with Clifton Chu
Didn't get to come to our developer chat last night with Clifton "Kantorek" Chu from Battle of the Immortals? Don't worry, as we've got you covered with this transcript of last night's question and answer session!

Clifton fielded many, many questions in one hour and 30 minutes, covering everything from BoI's player-killing system to future updates and new skills. We even got a behind-the-scenes sneak peak at the game's Westernization, covering some of the many changes Perfect World Entertainment made to the game in order to make it "fit" better for Western audiences.

So, without anymore time wasted, let's take a time warp back to last night, and see what questions you had to ask Clifton!

Rubi asks: There was a huge response to BoI at the beginning -- you even had to open another server to accommodate everyone. Has that momentum continued?

Clifton "Kantorek" Chu: Yes it certainly did and yes it certainly has! We actually are going to be in the process of changing the current Europe server to an actual dedicated server across the seas. And after that's done... who knows?

We currently have 4 servers, and we only launched with 3 at the start of open beta.

Anker asks: Is the PK system going to remain the same? Lots of people don't like the +10 infamy system.

The pk system is remaining the same for now. BoI was billed as a hardcore pvp game. And there's nothing more hardcore than the penalties you have to face with infamy. Of course, that doesn't mean we won't monitor our player base and their reactions.

What we are concentrating on right now is the post 60 leveling scale and trying to solve that issue right now.

MadZool writes: Will the Euro version of the game mirror the Chinese version?

Hey MadZool, the Euro version is us! There is no separate European version of BoI. And, to answer the mirror question, we have made many changes to our version that separates itself from the Chinese version.

For instance, we have included mob aggro in the game, WASD movement, re-worked all the hotkey mappings, and removed soul gems from the marketplace. Playing the Chinese version will give you a much different experience if you play PWE's version.

Another example is that one of our developers for another one of our games in China recently tried our version of BoI. He said it is a completely different game here, than in China. In China he was able to get to level 45 without dying once. In our PWE version of BoI, he died multiple times trying to get to level 20! That goes to show the different play-styles between China and Europeans/Americans, and why it was important for us to tailor our game differently.

JSHC[123] asks: Will there be any balance changes for pets in PvP? As of now a lot of people are complaining about them being overpowered.

We are aware of some balance issues with certain pets but there are no plans to change it yet. We're only 1 month into the OB of the game, so it's a small sample of data we've collected.

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