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ESPN3 comes exclusively to Xbox 360

ESPN3 comes exclusively to Xbox 360
Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler|@Rjcc|June 14, 2010 1:20 PM
The recently relaunched ESPN3 online portal is coming to Xbox 360 , as just announced during Microsoft's pre-E3 press conference. Trey Wingo and Josh Elliott from SportsCenter are on stage demonstrating with footage from a USC / Ohio State game, and of course it has built in Kinect controller support. 3,500 live sporting events, instant replays, highlights, polls all at your fingertips or by the sound of your voice. The PiP stuff will be familiar to fans who have already indulged online, but with the new control aspects (and of course, HD streaming) it could give a reasonable alternative to the existing channels. The usual requirement of Xbox Live Gold just like Netflix, Facebook, etc. is present, but beyond having a TV provider / ISP that's signed up for the package, there's no additional charge.

Update: Wondering if you'll have access? Check the list of ESPN3 affiliates to see if your ISP is playing ball.

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Today, from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) stage in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced plans to revolutionize sports entertainment in the home through an exclusive deal with ESPN.

This November, do more than just watch the sports you love – connect with friends and share your sports experience in brand new ways with ESPN on Xbox 360:

· A World of Sporting Events: Xbox LIVE Gold members who have high-speed internet service from an affiliated service provider will enjoy more than 3,500 live sporting events from ESPN3.com – ESPN's 24/7 broadband sports network – including college basketball, college football and bowl games, MLB, NBA, international soccer, tennis including all four Grand Slam tournaments, golf majors and more. Watch out-of-market games and access on-demand ESPN.com video clips, refreshed daily – all completely free to Xbox LIVE Gold members.

· Social Interaction Only Xbox LIVE Can Deliver: Connect with friends and rivals coast-to-coast and declare which team you're rootiAng for, participate in community polling, trivia and game predictions, all tailored to the game you're watching. Even pull up current scores and stats and easily switch between events without "changing the channel."

· The Magic of Kinect: Through the power of cutting-edge gesture and voice technology, Kinect for Xbox 360 tracks your body movements and gestures, giving you full DVR control, no remote or controller required, and a brand new way to interact with your sports entertainment.
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