iPhone-playing girl gets record deal

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|06.14.10

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Remember applegirl002, the Korean girl who sang a song accompanied by her iPhone apps a while back? Turns out she's gone pro -- after 4.2 million views of her clip across the web, a South Korean record label has reportedly inked a deal to record her own songs and make some more professional videos. She's classically trained, and studied music at a small college near her home, but it's her iPhone playing and singing that have catapulted her to virtual stardom.

She's big in England, apparently -- over there, she's won a poll against Lady Gaga to see who Apple could pick up as the star of their next campaign. That might not happen (lately, Apple products have been starring in their own commercials), but the fact that she's got a chance to make music professionally after being seen so much on YouTube is pretty cool. Here's hoping she sticks with her roots and brings all of the iPhones into the recording studio. I'd love to hear a record made completely with apps from the App Store.
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