Netflix for Xbox 360 adds search in November

It didn't get a slot during Microsoft's just-concluded Xbox 360 press conference, but the Netflix streaming app will finally add one of the most often requested (and denied) features: the ability to search through the entire Watch Instantly library and add movies to your queue, right from the console. Proudly stating it's the first gaming console to let you update your queue without a computer (Roku does it too, but try playing Gears of War on that) there's no word on any Kinect tie-ins, probably the reason it didn't get any higher billing than a bullet point in Marc Whitten's 2010 letter to Xbox Live members.

Update: As a few commenters have pointed out, it appears Netflix has been beta testing search access for PlayStation 3 Watch Instantly viewers, as shown in these pics. If you'd like to get in on the trial good luck as it seems to be mostly by chance, although creating an all new account probably couldn't hurt -- and hey, your queue was getting stale anyway. [Thanks, Michael]