3G video call on Fring for Android: bringing HTC EVO 4G and Dell Streak together (hands-on)

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3G video call on Fring for Android: bringing HTC EVO 4G and Dell Streak together (hands-on)
Consider this: you may have an Android phone with a front-facing camera, and so do your distant loved ones (yes, friends count too). Now slap that free IM app Fring onto your phone, and the once-dormant chat camera shall finally come to life -- right now only the Streak and EVO 4G are supported, whereas the others (like the X10) will have to rely on their main cameras. Still, Fring also supports dual-camera Symbian devices plus Skype video calls to and from computers, and since it isn't locked down to any particular connection method, users with unlimited data allowance get to make free 3G video calls! Take that, FaceTime. Read on to watch our very own transatlantic banter.

Oh sure, we shouldn't be getting all that aroused about an age-old technology, but given the massive video quality improvement -- clearer picture with more tolerable lag -- and the aforementioned affordability of mobile data, it seems like 3G video calls might be able to make a comeback. That said, with each minute of Fring video sipping up about 1MB, do watch out for your carrier's fair use policy. We're sure you kids will behave, anyway.

Special thanks to Sam Sheffer for additional work on this hands-on.
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