Jimmy Kimmel films show with MacBook, next stop Chatroulette

Jimmy Kimmel films show with MacBook, next stop ChatRoulette

Ever hear of a television studio losing power for the cameras only, but still having enough juice to run the lights, audio, and seemingly everything else in the studio? Neither have we, which is why we're a bit skeptical that what happened on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week wasn't some sort of publicity stunt -- but it's an interesting one nevertheless. The supposed mystery power outage for the control room left Kimmel with nothing to do but cancel the show or flip open his trusty MacBook, and it's the latter he chose to do, recording the entire episode in what looks to be VGA. (It aired last night, but there's a clip at the source link if you missed it.) Quick-thinking by a former Man Show host, or contrived PR grab? Either way, it's mission accomplished.