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Caption Contest: the Queen's RIM visit

Caption Contest: the Queen's RIM visit
Vlad Savov
Vlad Savov|July 7, 2010 2:17 PM
One does what one must to keep oneself up with the times. Queenie from the British block is still doing her whirlwind tour of Canada, and this latest snapshot shows her on a visit to RIM's production facilities.

Josh: "Which one of these buttons summons Sir Lancelot?"
Vlad: "I was told there'd be crack and berries here, what's this stuff?"
Thomas: "Is that where the little man talks in my ear?"
Chris: "Your Majesty's SAS are receiving these fitted with a taser, oil slick, poison gas, and an impossible-to-use interface that will discourage theft by foreign agents."
Darren: "Don't you dare send me home with a CDMA version!"
Richard Lai: "I don't care what Phillip says -- I'm totally getting this Colorwared. Do you take cash?"
Tim: "Hold on, dearie, I haven't typed enough o's into 'Helllloooooooooooo!'"
Joanna: "I fancy this browser, it's as slow as me."
Joe: "Now I can finally see Fergie's drunken Tweets."
Drita: "Careful now, you're holding it the wrong way!"
Jacob: "Add me on BBM!!!"
Nilay: "I specifically asked for a railroad."
Myriam: "Would you like to touch my monkey?"

[Thanks, Eddie H.]