Telecom New Zealand pulling plug on its CDMA network in 2012

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|07.08.10

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Telecom New Zealand pulling plug on its CDMA network in 2012
It's a bit early to sound CDMA's death knell, but this is definitely an interesting development: New Zealand's Telecom NZ is getting ready to switch off its legacy CDMA network just a year after turning on its HSPA-based one. It gets even crazier, though, because although CDMA will go dark in 2012, EV-DO service will actually be turned off before that on November 30 of this year. That's an extremely rapid transition that's presumably being egged on by the carrier's desire to free up spectrum for next-gen services, but we can't even imagine the kind of chaos you'd see if Verizon or Sprint did that -- or Canada's Bell or Telus, for that matter, both of which actually have recently added HSPA networks to their footprints. Let's hope Telecom makes it as painless as possible for legacy customers to migrate, eh?
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