Lebron James' move to the Miami Heat and how it'll affect NBA 2K11

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Lebron James' move to the Miami Heat and how it'll affect NBA 2K11
Yesterday, it seemed like the only thing people could talk about on TV, the radio and Twitter was Lebron James. For the uninitiated, he's one of the greatest basketball stars playing today. Wrapping up a lengthy stay in Cleveland with the Cavaliers -- where he's been for the past seven years, since age 18 -- James had finally become a free agent, able to go wherever he wished. As we learned last night, he chose to join the Miami Heat.

With 2K Sports set to launch the latest iteration in its NBA 2K series, NBA 2K11, on October 5, we got in touch with Chris Snyder, director of marketing for the label, to get his thoughts on the situation. While he admitted that 2K Sports was "not at all" worried about the recent events surrounding James stealing the spotlight from Michael Jordan's signing as this year's cover star, he did admit that James and the teams affected by his decision haven't had their stats finalized in the game just yet.

"It's too early to tell, as the Heat have to fill out the rest of the roster," Snyder said. "The Heat definitely will be improved, and the Cavs will definitely take a hit, but we need to see where everyone else lands before we can determine who is the number one ranked team." (Sports experts currently predict a Celtics-Heat Eastern Conference showdown for the foreseeable future.)

Finally, 2K Sports offered us a lone screenshot (above, click to enlarge) which provides us with our first glimpse of James in a Heat uniform. We know it's painful to see, Cleveland -- but it's all a part of moving on.
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