iPhone 4 carrier unlock teased, not released just yet (update: video)

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|07.14.10

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iPhone 4 carrier unlock teased, not released just yet (update: video)
While we wait for a full, no-strings-attached jailbreak for the iPhone 4, let's turn our attention to the other important matter of unlocking, shall we? iPhone Dev Team member planetbeing is teasing the world with a picture of an unlocked AT&T iPhone 4 being used way up north on Canada's Bell -- and while we don't have a timeline for a release just yet, this should be particularly exciting news for Canadians who don't have much interest in waiting any longer for their version of the phone to officially arrive. We'll update you just as soon as it's available.

[Thanks, Brad]

Update: Numerous readers have written in to remind us that the above image isn't proof of an unlock, since an AT&T iPhone can roam on Bell. True -- but considering how this is coming straight from an iPhone Dev Team member, we're going to stay optimistic.

Update 2: Planetbeing has uploaded a video of the carrier unlock (embedded after the break), but he confesses that the existing build "sucks." A cleaned up version should be ready for mass consumption shortly, though. [Thanks, all!]

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