Nintendo unlikely to significantly alter 3DS design before release

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|07.13.10

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Nintendo unlikely to significantly alter 3DS design before release
In an interview from this year's E3 that's only just been published, Nintendo 3DS platform producer Hideo Konno says that the upcoming handheld is in its "final shape." Reggie Fils-Aime, the company's leading North American voice, has more recently told us that, au contraire, the E3 consoles are not the final design, though parsing the two into one coherent message would suggest that Nintendo's just leaving itself room to make small changes if the need arises. Konno's chat with Wired also touches on the 3DS' screen size, with him suggesting the glasses-free stereoscopic effect could be taken all the way to the size of a TV but requires the user to be in a very precise position, which is what makes it unfeasible. Teased about potentially making a 3DS XL, the veteran game guru says Nintendo's sticking with the current form factor for portability's sake, but he clearly isn't closing the door on the idea if and when 3DS sales begin to wane. There's a lot more here, including discussion of the new handheld's analog nub and MotionPlus-like gyro and accelerator combo, so why not show the source link some love?
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