HoopWorld slam dunks WiiWare on July 19

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HoopWorld slam dunks WiiWare on July 19
Cutting through all of the hoopla, developer Streamline Studios has announced that its 3-on-3 arcade basketball game, Hoopworld, will finally be available for download this coming Monday, July 19. With a price tag of 1,000 Wii Points ($10), Hoopworld combines elements of NBA Jam and games like Power Stone. Even more surprising is that it was once destined for Xbox Live Arcade. Also: gamers have been waiting for, like, four years. That's a lot of time on the bench.

But this Monday, it'll finally release, albeit solely on the Wii. It's got kung-fu power-ups, seven different teams and six different courts, offering players a competitive basketball experience unseen since -- wait, since when? Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball on the SNES? Great, now we feel old.
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