CABAL Online's secrets are out

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|07.16.10

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CABAL Online's secrets are out
CABAL Online is one of those free-to-play titles that's like a shy whale, swimming under the surface of our attention while growing bigger every day. And before you know it, Pinocchio and Jonah are in deep, deep trouble.

Tortured metaphors aside, it's good to hear that CABAL continues to expand. just released a massive update for the game entitled "Secrets of Radiant Hall." The centerpiece of the update is the titular Radiant Hall, a new 7-man, level 130+ raid to uncover the secrets and best the challenges of the Phantasmal clan. Their secret? Fanta! (OK, not really -- but we hear there's a dragon involved.)

The update brings a host of new and improved features to CABAL as well, including a daily quest system, new character customization options, a better UI, a party search system and the Catacomb Frost solo dungeon. Catacomb Frost is interesting in that level 110+ players have a scant 25 minutes to save a girl; fortunately, there are three difficulty levels depending on how daring you feel that day.

You can check out the full update over at CABAL Online's site.
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