Still clicking: Our exclusive interview with the Mythos dev team

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Still clicking: Our exclusive interview with the Mythos dev team
Considering Mythos' stormy post-Flagship past and its relatively low profile over the past half year, we were pleased to see the team at Redbana unveil a website revamp last month, complete with a slew of vibrant new screenshots to tease the upcoming closed beta. The infrastructure revealed in the images suggests that the game has come a long way since we last checked in with the team; although many players might once have pigeon-holed Mythos as "just another Diablo clone," it's now maturing into a hybrid MMORPG that seems to have as much in common with Blizzard's other fantasy game as with the click-fests of yesteryear.

Curious, we commandeered the team at Redbana in order to ask about the progress of the game. Meet up with us after the break as we discuss the transition to Redbana, overcoming the Diablo stigma, camera perspectives, map travel, character customization, and the likelihood that Mythos will be free-to-play. Oh, and did I mention you can play satyrs and cyclopes?!

Massively: Mythos has had a rocky pre-existence thus far, from its days under the Flagship banner to its current home with the Redbana team. Can you bring us up to speed on its progress over the last year or so, up to the launch of this new website and the impending start of closed beta?

Redbana: Initially, there was a transitional period when Mythos' development was being transferred to our Korean team after the Flagship-led beta closed and we acquired full rights. Ever since then, we have been polishing and expanding non-stop. We have always believed in Mythos' potential, we are excited to be so close to delivering a more advanced version of Mythos than what players might expect or remember.

Torchlight had exuberant graphics. Titan Quest had great mythology. Diablo III is on the horizon, sporting brand-appeal. So everyone wants to know: What does Mythos have to set it apart from Diablo-esque games, to help it shake the stigma of being "just another Diablo" clone?

Mythos' story revolves around a God's ascension, and the trials and tribulations involved. It incorporates dark story elements akin to Diablo's, in addition to more lighthearted, "bright" elements. We believe that the combined depth of our skills and crafting systems is something players have not experienced before.

In the screenshots Redbana recently released, we were treated to several different aspects of the game's art design. In a few, we're shown first-person city scenes that wouldn't be out of place in World of Warcraft. Yet in the combat shots, the perspective turns to a traditional top-down isometric perspective. Will we be able to shift between these easily, similarly to the viewpoints in the Dungeon Siege series? Or are we restricted to one perspective or the other depending on our location?

Mythos supports a free camera as well as an isometric view. When you are moving around in the field, you have the option to move the camera around and enjoy the beautiful scenery; when you are in a dungeon, you can enjoy combat using a more efficient isometric camera specifically tuned for combat.

Redbana also released a screenshot of the map. How will travel across that map work? Are we looking at a more or less static map (like LotRO's), which just shows you where you are and where you could be? Or a map whose icons can be clicked for instant travel (like in Guild Wars)? What other methods will the game employ to ensure that players can meet up with each other easily?

Travel and map options are still in development. Currently, you use the world map to click on your destination, to find your current location and your next objective or NPC. Your area map, activated using the tab key, works much the same way that Diablo's did.

What sorts of standard MMORPG trappings are being planned for the game? PvP? Crafting? An auction hall? Pets and mounts? What about typical Diablo conceits like town portals or a storage stash -- and will said stash be too small to be useful (as in most of these types of games)?

Most of what you mention is in-game, and some is in development. We believe Mythos will have sufficient inventory and storage space; we'll let you be the judge of that.

We love the cute and original race options, but with only three classes to choose from, how will characters differentiate themselves from others? Visually? With unique skills? The website states that skill resets will be "free before level 10" -- what about after level 10? Will players suffer as in Hellgate: London, with no way to fix mistakes?

Each of the three classes offers three skill trees, giving players multiple "build" options and lots of room for individuality and experimentation. We plan to continue to improve on character customization as we listen to feedback. Resetting your skills will require [a] certain amount of gold after reaching level 11. The higher your level is, the more you are required to spend.

Redbana is calling Mythos a free-to-play game, but we see references to "Bana Cash" on the website. What sorts of features will be purchaseable with Bana Cash? Will those who do not participate in any future cash shop be at a disadvantage to those who do?

We are still working out the fine details on the billing side and will make a full announcement soon. Until then, thank you for your continued support and interest in Mythos!

Thanks so much for answering our questions!
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