Roehr Motorcycles releases the eSuperBike, the fastest electric motorcycle money can buy

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|07.17.10

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Roehr Motorcycles releases the eSuperBike, the fastest electric motorcycle money can buy
Impressed by the Brammo Empulse, which just became official earlier this week? Wait 'till you get a load of this. Roehr Motorcycles has just confirmed that its eRoehr line of bikes is now available for order, and they are quite a suite of machines. If you're not familiar with the company, they're about the only American manufacturer making a proper sportbike these days, and now they have a suite of electric offerings too. Full details after the break.
There are three models here, like with the Empulse, but unlike Brammo's offerings these three differ in a lot more than range. The eSuperSport is the lowest-spec, with a 48hp motor, 395lb weight, dual 300mm brake discs up front, 41mm inverted forks, and 5.8Kw/h worth of batteries good for 80 miles of range and 100mph top speed. Step it up to the eSuperBike and you get two of the same motors for a combined power of 96hp but a total weight of 500lbs. Also, the rear shock gets boosted to an Ohlins unit (surely to handle that extra girth) and 7.7Kw/h worth of batteries good for 100 miles of range and 135mph top speed. Finally there's the RR model, which moves up to Ohlins suspension on the front as well plus lovely, lightweight wheels.

All are cloaked in the same slippery bodywork that certainly looks distinctive and efficient. With no ICE pumping out heat the vents are minimized and everything looks smooth as can be. That Modena-red paint doesn't hurt, either.

The cost? $16,995 to start, with the eSuperBike costing $27,595 and the RR model going way up to $34,495. Yes, mighty costly, but these bikes are all about performance, with the upper two intended for entry in the fledgling TTXGP racing series. For a turnkey race bike, that's not a bad price. For a street bike? Yeah, very spendy, but these aren't mass-produced machines. Place your order now (with a $2,000 deposit) and one will be custom-built for you with your choice of colors. We'd go for blue... naturally.
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