TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10 PM ET - Let's all sing The iPhone 4 Antenna Song

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TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10 PM ET - Let's all sing The iPhone 4 Antenna Song
It's the second day after the Apple press event, and there's still a lot of buzz in the air about the press conference and its outcome. While we'll probably skip on singing The iPhone 4 Antenna Song for you tonight, we'll have plenty to talk about on tonight's episode of the TUAW Talkcast.

As usual, you can join in on the fun! We'll be live at 10 pm ET, taking your calls and questions as best we can.

To participate on TalkShoe, you can use the browser-only client, the embedded Facebook app, or the classic TalkShoe Pro Java client; however, for maximum fun, you should call in. For the web UI, just click the "TalkShoe Web" button on our profile page at 10 pm Sunday. To call in on regular phone or VoIP lines (take advantage of your free cellphone weekend minutes if you like): dial (724) 444-7444 and enter our talkcast ID, 45077 -- during the call, you can request to talk by keying in *8.

If you've got a headset or microphone handy on your Mac, you can connect via the free X-Lite SIP client; basic instructions are here. Of course, the full TalkShoe client includes its own 'Shoephone' VoIP tool as well. For MP3 streaming on iPhone or iPad, you can try this link once the show starts (may or may not work).
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