Barnes & Noble's NOOKstudy coming to students in August

David Winograd
D. Winograd|07.22.10

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Barnes & Noble's NOOKstudy coming to students in August
Barnes & Noble is diving deeper into the education market with an expected August release of NOOKstudy which will run on Macs and PCs and not require a NOOK or any other mobile device. NOOKstudy will act as a hub for eTextbook, class notes, syllabi, scanned handouts, and even non-educational eBooks. It will allow students to take notes as well as highlight passages in eTextbooks. Users will also be able to tag items for easy retrieval using common terms like: "for the final exam". It will provide full searches of anything, in the eTextbooks or your notes, and link into Google or to look up terms.

Multiple eTextbooks can be opened at the same time, or two pages from different sources can be simultaneously displayed.

The program is currently being piloted at Penn State, University of Nevada, Queensborough Community College, and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

[via Campus Technology]
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