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Ewee-PT is how you say 'Segway' in German (video)

Ewee-PT is how you say 'Segway' in German (video)
Vlad Savov
Vlad Savov|July 29, 2010 12:43 PM
Billed as "the Segway's little sister," this self-balancing electro scooter comes from a small German company called Ewee. The idea behind it is pretty simple: file down all the extraneous bits, keep the stuff that keeps you going, and presumably try to sell it to hardy macho types who like the barebones aesthetic. You accelerate by leaning forward and decelerate by doing the opposite, while steering is handled by a joystick (apparently "driving pleasure is gauranteed"). We're not sure how much trust we're willing to invest in either the company or its product, but exclusive retailer fun-components does have it ready for pre-order today, so if you're feeling adventurous with your €799 ($1,039), feel free to pay their site a visit. The rest of us are going after the break to watch the video.
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fun-mobility will be more attractive
- Segways little sister -

The ewee-PT - segway-like but although very different: Most compact and flexible, the little personal transporter (PT) reaches a speed of at least 16km/h.

Riding this little scooter is very simple: just lean forward for accelerate the ewee smoothly and leaning backward will slow down. Steering will be done easily with a joystick – it feels like a game console -– driving pleasure is guaranteed.

The capabilities of the ewee-PT are endless: Indoor using as well as outdoor explorations will be possible. Long ways in factory halls, airports or shopping malls will be done very comfortably and quickly. And of course you will enjoy sight seeing tours and beach promenades much more without increasing air pollution.

The ewee-PT with its size of a paper sheet will carry you safely like going on rails because of the dynamic stabilization system (SFS). It reaches a max. speed of 16 km/h with a cruising range of nearly 8km.

Delivery will be pre-assembled, so that within a few steps the ewee-PT can be used and otherwise can be folded easily for transportation.

The small PT scooter will be distributed exclusively by www.fun-components.com for 799,00€ plus
shipping costs. Find more information about ewee-PT at www.ewee-pt.com.