DAoC scavenges the dead for The Infernal Auction

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|08.03.10

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Hot on the heels of the recent Infernal Awakenings is another Developer Live Event for Dark Age of Camelot players called The Infernal Auction. Reportedly, the DAoC team was pleased by the response of the first Live Event and is striving to bring them more often to the game.

The Infernal Auction is the result of enterprising salesmen who have scoured the battlefields following the demon invasion, and who are now bringing their questionable loot to the citizens of each realm. The merchants will not only be selling party-appropriate material (fireworks! booze!) but will hold a grand auction on August 19th where players can bid on unique and powerful items.

Players who were a key part of the Infernal Awakenings battle also should speak to NPC Jonda Dawn for a special reward for their efforts. You can read the full details of this new DAoC Live Event over at the Camelot Herald.
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