New Pioneer Elite G-Clef line tempts new would be crop of audiophiles

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New Pioneer Elite G-Clef line tempts new would be crop of audiophiles
Pioneer has announced its new, suave-looking Elite G-Clef line, consisting of two integrated stereo amplifiers dubbed the SX-A6MK2 ($700) and SX-A9MK2 ($1,600), along with a pair of CD/SACD players, the PD-D9MK2-K ($1,500) and PD-D6MK2-K ($700). Despite retailing above the brand's new lower-priced receivers also bearing the Elite moniker, the inclusion 192kHz / 24-Bit Burr Brown and Wolfson D / A converters along with twin Mono Symmetrical construction in the amplifiers still positions the G-Clef components as a good value. That's intriguing considering features like SACD playback, Honeycomb Chassis design, Toroidal Transformers, and recreating digitally lost ultra-high harmonics are normally only the things notoriously picky, price-ignoring audiophiles drool over. So we can only surmise Pioneer is trying to breed an entirely new generation of future High-Fi addicts using the G-Clef line as shiny new lure, before iPods packed with 128kbps AAC files become the new sound dungeon the general population will never escape, let alone even notice.
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New Pioneer Elite G-Clef Components Are Pure High Fidelity

High-Design CD Players and Amplifiers Provide Music Lovers with AIR Studios-Certified Experience

LONG BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today announced new G-Clef components including luxury CD players and amplifiers that bring a professional-grade listening experience into the home or office. The high-style Elite G-Clef line includes two stereo amplifiers, SX-A6MK2 and SX-A9MK2, and two CD players, PD-D6MK2 and PD-D9MK2, all engineered with the purest approach to audio component design. All models are offered at affordable price points, for audio enthusiasts looking for high-end sound without the extravagant cost often found in prestigious audiophile gear.

"The new components were born out of partnership between Pioneer and AIR Studios sound engineers working hand in hand to produce the highest quality sound possible"
Each of the models is fine-tuned and certified by internationally-respected AIR Studio's sound engineers to ensure the most accurate recreation of the original recording possible. To earn that certification, Pioneer hand-selected state of the art internal components that accurately deliver signals to create a dynamic two-channel hi-fi experience. The new, more efficient power supply circuitry is highly responsive to demanding musical content and is designed for superior heat resistance to guarantee a warm, analog-like sound.

"The new G-Clef series is a perfect example of product developed with meticulous attention to detail at every step in the process," said Tim Vine-Lott, technical director, AIR Studios. "Pioneer and AIR Studios have worked together for ten years developing products down to the screws. We're proud to put our stamp on products that exceed our requirements."

Elite G-Clef CD/SACD Players

For the purest digital to analog conversion expected by discerning audiophiles, the PD-D6MK2 (MSRP: $700) and the PD-D9MK2 (MSRP: $1,500) CD/SACD players feature Burr-Brown and Twin Wolfson D/A converters, respectively. The Pioneer exclusive technology, Legato Link Conversion PRO, utilizes complex algorithms to recreate the ultra-high harmonics lost in the digital conversion process resulting in smooth, natural sound. Additionally, Hi-Bit technology increases the sound data length from 16-bit to 24-bit to provide clear, rich audio, even from compressed MP3 files.

Both models are finished in glossy black with blue LCD displays. The PD-D9MK2 features a Honeycomb Chassis design, which contains hexagon shaped imprints in the metal plates that help to dissipate vibrations and alleviate jitter. Additional weight and stability features help to shield optical components from ambient interference that could cause imprecise sound. The PD-D6MK2 features an aluminum front panel, while the PD-D9MK2 touts a rigid under-base construction, TAOC Hi-Carbon composite metal feet and a full aluminum casing.

Elite G-Clef Integrated Stereo Amplifiers

The Elite G-Clef amplifiers feature a Twin Mono Symmetrical construction design to maintain electrical isolation between both channels from input to output. The left and right channel amplifiers and high efficiency power supplies are totally independent and exact mirror images of each other. This construction is also designed to minimize the signal path of each circuit block, providing minimal distortion of signal quality and clear, equal channel separation for superior sonic fidelity.

The SX-A6MK2 (MSRP: $700) features Twin EL Transformers and the SX-A9MK2 employs Twin Toroidal Transformers, which are highly efficient with very low magnetic leakage. Both components increase available power, prevent signal interference and virtually eliminate noise even at extremely low frequencies. The SX-A9MK2 model is also equipped with a USB input, allowing high-quality transmissions of higher bit-rate music files such as an MPEG or FLAC from any enthusiast's digital music library.

"The new components were born out of partnership between Pioneer and AIR Studios sound engineers working hand in hand to produce the highest quality sound possible," said Dave Bales, marketing and product planning, home

electronics division at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "G-Clef products are a culmination of all we've learned over a 70-year legacy in audio excellence."

About Pioneer Electronics

It all began with a passion for music that Pioneer founder Nozomu Matsumoto hoped to share with the world. He started Pioneer in 1938 as a specialty speaker company, building products out of his garage. Today, Pioneer's Home Entertainment and Business Solutions Group continues Matsumoto's enthusiasm, developing award-winning audio and video home theater products including A/V receivers, Blu-ray Disc® and DVD players, and speakers. Long-standing partnerships and collaborations with the creative community have provided Pioneer unique insight in its quest to capture the purity of a movie or musical artist's original vision into its broad range of home entertainment products. The company's brands include Pioneer® and Elite®. More details can be found at
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