First expansion coming to Battle of the Immortals

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First expansion coming to Battle of the Immortals

Perfect World Entertainment is enjoying the continuing success of Battle of the Immortals, and the development team is ready to give fans more to explore.

The game's first expansion is coming, and even though there's no date announced yet, PWE promises "more and more details" in the next few weeks. Our first peek is of the new Mount Olympus high-level map. It will bring new monsters and bosses as well as a welcome update for players: coin drops.

One of the strengths of BoI is that the dev team is willing to listen and respond to player concerns and complaints, and the lack of coin drops from mobs was definitely a concern. As a result of that feedback, mobs in the Mount Olympus zone will drop coins in addition to regular loot.

All of the current preview details can be seen on the Battle of the Immortals site.
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