A look at Gamescom 2010: Part one

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|08.24.10

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A look at Gamescom 2010: Part one
This year's Gamescom has come and gone, but its legacy lives on in video -- namely, in some excellent footage shot by Maverick Media. Given our notable absence from the largest international game expo of the year, we decided to partner with our friends at Maverick for their impressions of the event and make use of their professional video resources. Those cameras aren't cheap!

So what is Maverick Media? It's a creative agency that conceives and produces trailers, television commercials and in-game cinematics for video game publishers and developers. The team consists of the guys behind the Crysis 2 "The Wall" trailer, the Bayonetta "In for the Kill" commercials, and all of the Little Big Planet in-game tutorials and intro sequence. In the MMO world, they recently worked with Jagex on the "Brace for Impact" teaser trailer for Stellar Dawn.

Our combined aim at this year's Gamescom was to gather opinions and insights from informed game execs working in the emerging games space, focusing on their ideas and plans for attracting new gamers into their communities. You'll find part one just after the jump below -- look for part two to drop later this week!
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