Aion: Assault on Balaurea zone trailer -- Inggison

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|08.26.10

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Aion: Assault on Balaurea zone trailer -- Inggison
Today, NCsoft unveils a video tour of Inggison, a new zone introduced in Aion's upcoming expansion, Assault on Balaurea. No longer confined to Atreia on the interior of the planet, players will venture forth to the lands on the outside. Filled with a variety of new plant and wildlife, Inggison is the Elyos foothold in Balaurea.

Even as they bask in direct sunlight (a treat not possible in the sundered lands of Asmodae and Elysea), Daevas in Aion will encounter new foes -- such as the Balaur-worshippers of Undirborg -- and fight old ones, as the Asmodians try to claim the Temple of Scales and Altar of Avarice Fortresses.

After watching the video, Massively asked Chris Hager, Producer of Aion, NCsoft West, a few questions about this new area.

Check out the video after the cut, as well as Chris' comments.

Massively: About half-way through the video, we see what appears to be an Elyos style city -- are there going to be areas that are settled by the Daeva races, complete with mail, warehouse, and broker services? If so, how many encampments are present, and how much of the area is wild?

Chris Hager: Each of the Daeva races have established permanent cities in Balaurea. These permanent cities are where players will arrive when they first arrive in Balaurea. They will have all of the services that the other cities in the other areas have (how can a Daeva survive without broker access?). There are also encampments throughout the areas that are race specific safeholds (similar to other maps).

If this is a Daeva fortress, how does lore account for it? Is it related to the hint we receive after completing our level 50 campaign quests?

The fortresses for each of the races are new to the Assault on Balaurea expansion. If you want to get really into the lore, the Elyos Inggison fortress is actually an illusion fortress maintained by the Wisplight Legion with aid from Kaisinel (Lord of Illusion). The Asmodian Gelkmaros fortress was made on the ruins of an old Balaur fortress that had been destroyed in the past by Marchutan.

Will the Balaur have a home base/city where they reside? If so, can it be invaded? Will there be any Balaur NPC's that can be interacted with?

The Balaur will own the two fortresses in each of the new zones. Aside from that, you'll find the Balaur scattered throughout the areas and in the new instances, but they won't have a home base or city that is constantly Balaur controlled.

The land was surprisingly lush in most of the video, although there were definitely some barren areas as well. How many different zones will be available for adventuring right at the launch of the expansion? Are there more zones planned for the near future?

At the launch of Assault on Balaurea, there will be two new persistent zones as well as a zone that adjoins them. Inggison will be the Elyos side, Gelkmaros for the Asmodians, and Silentera Canyon will join them both together. Within the two race controlled zones, there are a lot of different and unique areas to explore. With this being the home of the Balaur, a previously unexplored area, you'll see brand new creatures, surroundings, and an environment that looks unique to other areas in the game. Right now we don't have any information to share on any future zones.

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