Sony's LocationPorter real-time video transmission system goes multichannel

Back in February of 2009, the launch of Sony's LocationPorter RVT-SD100 suggest that the days of needing a tricked out news van to transmit real-time on the scene video could be a thing of the past -- that is, if you had a spare $18k lying around and a solid 3G data connection. The newly-announced RVT-SD200 and its companion RVT-MR200 expands upon that dream by enabling up to 12 LocationPorters to transmit images to one single receiver. Besides paving the way for armies of techno box-toting reporters -- like the one pictured above -- to relay news as it happens, Sony also sees the potential for emergency services like police forces and fire departments to make use of the equipment to relay critical information. We could see that too, but if this new system is priced at anything like the old, we're betting tight public budgets won't make it happen. Then again we can't speak for the Sultan of Brunei's security force.