TERA screens showcase the city of Kaiator

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|09.03.10

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TERA screens showcase the city of Kaiator
Another week, another set of TERA screens to whet our appetites for En Masse Entertainment's forthcoming action MMORPG. The Screenshots of the Week featurette turns sweet sixteen today, and while the shots are devoid of the eternally conversational skimpy armor, they nonetheless bear examining.

This week's subject is the iron city of Kaiator, located in northern Shara and home to the honorable and ferocious Aman. Kaiator, like its builders, is all but impregnable, and a forthcoming lore update on the official TERA website will fill in even more details about the city known as the Unbreakable Iron Jewel.

Check out the screens in our gallery below or on the official site.

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